Relax more with CBD

How CBD Can Help Relax You Before Intimacy

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CBD interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system to give you the sensation of feeling ‘relaxed’.

Sources report that CBD is effective in reducing stress and relaxing individuals which paves the way for a profound sexual experience with no distractions.

A survey reports that the majority of the people using CBD in the bedroom report that they have had more intense orgasms after using CBD products and they feel more confident having sex.

CBD helps you relax before intimacy in many ways which have been discussed below. 

Reduces Pain 

CBD makes you feel relaxed by reducing pain from chronic diseases such as endometriosis, PCOS, PID, and chronic muscle pain and spasms.

Not only does CBD oil act as a lubricant... but CBD interacts with a large number of cannabinoid receptors in the genitalia which increases blood flow and helps in promoting the body's own natural lubrication.

It certainly helps women who experience vaginal dryness during menopause.

During PMS, using CBD can alleviate pain from cramps which makes women feel more comfortable having sex. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD can make sex more comfortable. 

Reduces Anxiety 

CBD reduces stress and anxiety and helps you relax.

It can help with depression and insomnia and overall improves mental health.

CBD helps with performance anxiety in males by reducing anxiety which improves libido. Research shows that 25% of males have reported that CBD has helped them in overcoming performance anxiety.

Men may feel inner doubt regarding sexual activity in bed and females may feel the frustration of not reaching orgasm in bed and the use of CBD helps to dispense those worries. So, partners can share a healthy sexual bond.

Moreover, using CBD also helped individuals with anxieties relating to poor body image. 

Setting the Mood 

CBD makes you feel good by enhancing a neurotransmitter called anandamide which gives the sensation of ‘bliss’.

CBD also helps in naturally producing the body's own neurotransmitters such as oxytocin and endorphins which leads to a better sexual experience.

CBD sets off a series of reactions in the endocannabinoid system which provides relaxation.

Oxytocin is the love hormone that is normally produced during sex or physical contact and plays a role in forming an emotional bond with someone. 

Once your mind is calm and relaxed, you can really focus on just enjoying sex. CBD products have especially improved the sex lives of females in heterosexual couples where there is an emphasis on women to orgasm.

Additionally, CBD can help build emotional connection in the relationship as it helps you be more open and empathetic in your relationships. 

Increases Sex Drive

CBD increased libido in both men and women. It can treat erectile dysfunction in men by relieving tense muscles, improving blood flow in the genitalia, and lowering blood pressure.

Research also backs that CBD can help in increasing sex drive. In a survey, it was reported that men lasted approx. 31% longer than before.

While women orgasmed 33% faster than before. Thus, improving the overall sex life of couples.

CBD has also been found to help balance different kinds of hormones in the body such as testosterone which contributes to improved libido. 

The brain is the largest sex organ and by letting go of anxieties and stresses, our bodies can get into sensations.

A study showed that CBD directly affects the part of the brain which is in control of sexual arousal and activates it. Thus, increasing sex drive. 


There is sufficient evidence that provides insight on how the use of CBD can help individuals experience more intimacy and a healthier sex life.

CBD relaxes our minds and our bodies prevalent to sex to offer a more intense and open experience during sex. Its pain-relieving, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, calming properties play an important role in increasing libido and relaxation before intimacy which provides a more meaningful sexual experience.

There is still further scientific research required to investigate the link between improving sexual intimacy and consumption of CBD but current studies have shown promising results.