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KA Intimacy is a shop dedicated to your health and wellness. We offer CBD products to help you explore your sexual wellness with intimacy. We focus on sex positive products that will help you get the most out of your sexual encounters.

All of your emotions will be well taken care of

KA Intimacy

How Do You Want To Feel?

At KA Intimacy, we believe sexual wellness is the key to a happy relationship. Enhance your arousal with the best intimacy collection for an intense orgasm and increased pleasure.


You can place your confidence in us.

KA Intimacy is committed to delivering quality CBD products. We understand that it's important for our customers, which is why we make sure our CBD oils and products meet high standards.

  • Organic

    You can feel confident in knowing that all of our products are made with organic ingredients, so you experience high quality CBD products

  • Made in USA

    KA Intimacy is committed to producing high-quality, CBD products that are made in America.

  • Cruelty Free

    We take pride in providing premium, cruelty-free CBD products that are made with the highest quality ingredients.

  • GMP

    The quality of our products has never been compromised. Every product follows strict criteria to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and safety

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