How CBD Can CBD Lubes Help Your Sex Drive

How CBD Can CBD Lubes Help Your Sex Drive

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You may already be familiar with the physical and mental health benefits of using CBD; how it can help you relieve stress and anxiety. But today, we are here to talk about how CBD can also help you with sex! Yes, you read it right. CBD can do wonders with enhancing your libido and sex drive. 

Science-Based Facts About CBD

Let’s see how CBD boosts your libido. According to research, there are endocannabinoid systems (ECS) that act as tiny locks in the body. These ECS are found in the brain as well as sexual reproductive organs such as the penis. The nitty-gritty of this receptor and its function in the body is quite complex. But what we do know is that, when trying to activate these locks or receptors through CBD, a whole set of reactions start happening in the body. These anti-inflammatory reactions are usually seen as relief in anxiety, balanced hormones, and increased libido.

Let's talk about how the use of CBD can help you with intimacy and amping things up in the bedroom. 

CBD Can Help With Orgasm

Struggling to get the big O? CBD is here to save the day. A study published in 2019 states that usage of CBD extracts before sex leads to longer and more intense orgasms. CBD relaxes the blood vessels, preventing the muscles from tightening. This further allows the blood to rush down to sexual organs increasing the sensitivity around the area. Better blood flow results in pleasurable long-lasting sex and enjoyable orgasms. 

CBD boost Libido and Arousal

For anyone suffering from stress and anxiety, it will be difficult for you to get aroused and “get in the mood”.  Stress releases a hormone called cortisol that can get in the way of sexual activity, lowering libido. The good news is, CBD have you covered with stress. CBD contains serotonin receptors that create anxiety-relieving effects. This in turn can melt away any stress and anxiety you’re experiencing and help you become aroused. This phenomenon was particularly noticeable in women, where, by consuming CBD, serotonin receptors were triggered resulting in increased sexual arousal and enhanced libido.

CBD Provides Relief From Painful Sex

Around 40% of the women suffer from the condition called “dyspareunia” – a term used to describe pain experienced before, during, and after sexual activity. This condition can cause severe pain, burn and ache during penetration, and thrusting in the women’s genitalia. CBD decreases the pain and provides relief from pain during sexual intercourse. Whether consumed orally or applied externally as a lubricant, CBD can relax and calm the muscles around the genitals allowing you to have an enjoyable sexual experience. 

CBD Can Aid in Erectile Dysfunction

Around 30 million are suffering from erectile dysfunction in the United States alone. However, consumption of CBD results in improved moods and increased blood flow, leading to long-lasting sex. Without a doubt, CBD is the safest way to include in your bedtime routine and enjoy sensual fun. In addition, people who practice Ayurveda have used a plant-derived from CBD to improve men’s sexual performance and relieve ED. Another paper claimed that a single dose of CBD reduces blood pressure and enhanced ejaculatory function.

In a Nutshell

So here we have listed all the ways CBD can prove to be beneficial to your bedroom routine. The CBD products have also started to appear widely in the market so you have more options to chose from. However, always opt for safe and tested CBD products that will be great for your overall sexual wellness. 

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