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KA Intimacy

Roll-on Oil

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These synergies between crystals and essential oils help us in different aspects to flow harmoniously, grow in a balanced way, reconnect and reconcile with ourselves, with the present moment and with everything we have experienced, to settle changes and settle down.

Each essential oil combination has been chosen and mixed to fulfill functions specific to our being, our body and our energy.

The power of our six essential oils combined with the energetic properties of crystals become a comforting gem and aromatherapy tool.

You may use them as many times as you feel necessary during the day or night and even to meditate or take a bath.


essential oils*, fractionated coconut oil*, Amazonian brazil nut oil* and Vit E.

*organic or wild harvested


The box contains 6 roll-on oil, each one comes with different crystals for each chakra (first to sixth).


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