Tips on how to pick the right lubricant

Tips on how to pick the right lubricant

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You can't always control when you're going to have sex, but you can control the quality of the experience. So what is the best lube? This is obviously a very personal question, and everyone will have their opinion on the matter. What feels good for one person may not feel good for another. Everyone has different tastes and reactions to different types of lubricants.

We recommend experimenting with a few types of sex lube. Below we'll cover the best lubricants for sex for your next intimacy activities.

Oil-based lube

An oil-based lubricant is a great option if you're not worried about having unprotected sex. If you or your partner uses a condom, this can increase the risk of ripping the condom, putting you at risk of STI and pregnancy. So please make sure not to use any type of oil for lubricant if condoms are being used!

The downside of having oil-based lubricant is stains that can be left on your bedsheets and clothing. So the aftermath of using oil-based lubricant can be quite a challenge.

We also recommend only using oil-based lubricant safely for masturbation since the oil can be harmful if it stays inside the vagina. This increases the chance of bacterial infections.

If you would like to explore an oil-based lubricant for your next sexual encounter, try our product Caliente - an oil-based lubricant with CBD. Filled with natural ingredients.

Water-soluble lubricant

We believe water-soluble lubricant is the safest lubricant to use during intercourse and any sexual encounters.

The plus? Water-based lubricants are the easiest to clean after you finish your bedroom activities. So if you ever want to try out a water-soluble lubricant, we highly recommend the broad spectrum Surrender that is water-soluble that contains CBD.

Our water-soluble lubricant works great with condoms and will ensure both partners get a more pleasurable experience.

Pick the right lube for you and your partner accordingly

You can choose your preferred lubricant but we also recommend talking to your partner before adding any mix to your sex life. This is important because you never know how your partner will react to certain products.

We hope this article gives you an idea on how you can choose your next lubricant.