Last Longer In Bed

Last Longer In Bed

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Sex is a physically demanding activity, especially when the other partner is not up to it.

Not getting your desired result (ejaculation) could give you great guilt, leading to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, which can ruin both your love life and your self-confidence.

Several easy things you can do to make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner is to always take things slow and don't overthink. Below are basic tips that can help you last longer in bed for both of you.

Most men tend to believe that the most important factor is to perform well.

But what's everyone's take on performing well? Is it going harder? Faster?

It's about feeling the connection with your partner in bed that will make sex last long.

In fact, both women and men agree that it’s very important to feel sexual satisfaction through connection.

So how can you last longer in bed?

Relax and don't overthink

You can last much longer in bed by relaxing your body and mind. Many people think that sex is supposed to be a frantic, intense, go-for-broke thing, but while you might feel like you have to give all you've got in the mood, that's probably wrong.

According to David Rowland, Ph.D., who is a psychology professor at Valparaiso University, "Coming too quickly is very often a matter of anxiety, not arousal."

Source: Menshealth: What You Should Think About to Last Longer during Sex

woman overthinking sex

If you're feeling anxious and overthinking sex, then it will only lead to a quick and bad experience in the bedroom.

The problem with thinking too much about sex is that you wind up overthinking it. If you're spending a lot of time worrying over when to use which positions, when to go hard enough, what positions give you the most pleasure, and why it doesn't feel good, you could be focusing on just yourself and your partner.

Ignore everything else and you'll find out that the connection between you and your partner will greatly be improved.

If you're having trouble trying to relax and not overthink, we'll go over at the end of the article methods to try to relax your body and mind.

Get your exercise

Exercise is an important thing you can do for your body and health. You don't have to go to the gym; just walk, jog, or ride a bike.

Play a game of tennis or basketball. Just do something that gets you moving.

Exercise is good for your mind. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, chemicals that make you feel happy. When you are happy, you are less likely to think about sex, and when you are less sexually aroused, you last longer. Exercise is not the only thing that helps you last longer in bed, but it is the most important.

By getting your exercise in, you're working on stamina and improving blood circulation. So make sure you do daily exercises to improve health.

Introduce CBD arousal oils

For people with trouble relaxing your body and mind, studies have shown arousal oils containing CBD enhances your sexual wellness significantly.

So can CBD help with intimacy? Of course! CBD has been increasingly popular for improving sexual health.

Cannabis is a promising drug for proactively enhancing sex. The active ingredient, known as CBD, has been shown by numerous studies to improve sexual function and quality of life in those diagnosed with various forms of sexual dysfunctions. Some of the most common side effects mentioned in reputable medical studies and reviews include: increased libido and desire, heightened frequency of arousal, increased lubrication, increasing length of erections, improved orgasms and sexual satisfaction.

KA Intimacy aims to bring intimacy and pleasure to your bedroom. Our CBD arousal oil brings the best experience to your sex life. Give it a shot and find out how CBD oils will improve your sex life.

Final Words

We recommend trying these basic methods the next time you have sex with your partner. It'll take a few practices to relax your mind but keep at it and you'll be lasting long with your partner.

Switch up your positions naturally and don't overdo it. Don't keep hammering the entire way. Use your fingers instead of the penis and relax. If you're new to using your fingers during sex, you should try this before fingering a vagina.