Can CBD Lubricants Improve Your Sexual Life?

Can CBD Lubricants Improve Your Sexual Life?

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Feminine sexuality and healthy sexual life are much more than just sex. Our sexuality is waking up every morning and deciding what my attitude for that day will be.

It is the security that we walk with, the sensuality and passion for life we transmit. Living life to the fullest and enjoying every single detail. 

You can also find feminine sexuality in the magical encounters where we need to see ourselves as a sexual goddess, get in the mood, relax during sex to reach levels of orgasm that we have never felt before. 

However, all these roles, all these amazing moments sometimes don’t flow. There are moments in life where “the mood” is not there and any encounter becomes painful. Or, there is a lack of connection, sensation, and rhythm, and of course, the only option to get it over quick is a loud fake orgasm. 

This is when we can start to question our sexuality and our bodies. We can create issues in our minds that don’t exist. We start looking for ways to feel relaxed, get out of pain and calm our minds. The answer to our concerns may be as simple as using CBD Lubricants and arousal oils to improve these issues and our sexual life.

The latest discoveries suggest that CBD is very beneficial to increase sexual desire, some studies confirm that receptors for the DB1 have been found in the testicles and in the ovaries.  other studies, in 2017 show how Hemp was able to activate a part of the human brain that is directly connected to sexual desire.

CBD for Lubrication 

A lubricant by your nightstand can be a solution, there are so many women that will confirm that thanks to lube their sex experience has become much more pleasurable.  

Also is amazing for women in menopause that many times their libido will decrease and having sex will not be comfortable. 

CBD helps with blood circulation intensifying the sensation in the nerves which are going to help sexual pleasure and make orgasm more intense for everybody involved. 

Experts will suggest that in general properties such as calmness and relaxation can be the key for women in particular feeling much more receptive to sex and open to practice it. 

Stage Fright

Some people will feel stage fright episodes that can end up in a disaster sexual encounter.  For some women, the difficulty of getting in the mood or reaching orgasm can go away by stage frightens.

As mentioned, CBD lube that has the potential to reduce anxiety will be a great element to help to relax and avoid stage frightens 

Another amazing discovery is that CBD products have the potential to increase the levels of anandamide in the body, a substance known for making us happy which we can assume will help us to enjoy a better sexual experience. 

CBD Lubricants and Orgasms

Studies say that 75% of women don’t reach an orgasm.  So how CBD lubricants can help with this, we have to go back to the roles of the anandamide and oxytocin.   Studies show how these two are the key to a social interaction connection.  What applies to a sexual encounter can help you to increase the experience.  

Other studies also talk about (2-G) one of the endocannabinoids that are most important for the body and how is crucial to improve sexual excitement and orgasm. 

Having a CBD Lubricant can be an answer to most common women problems related to getting in the flow between our natural sexual energy to the most special sexual encounters, making sure we don’t experience pain, anxiety and are able to reach orgasm.