How CBD Scientifically Affects Our Pheromones

How CBD Scientifically Affects Our Pheromones

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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is among the best things to be discovered. Since hemp-derived CBD is legalized countrywide, many brands are coming up with all kinds of CBD-infused products. These include edibles, suppositories, tinctures, drinks, body oils, and skincare products.

One such brand is the sexual wellness industry that is marketing CBD as a magical product that helps improve sex life significantly.

One product that has gained immense popularity is the CBD pheromone stimulator.

It comes in the form of a spray that you can use on your erogenous spots such as the chest, wrist, and neck.

The spray mixes with your skin’s scent and helps to increase attractiveness by stimulating the production of pheromones. Other people consider CBD as a supporting actor contributing to holistic sexual wellness.

How CBD Affects Hormones

Cannabinoid receptors are present on many glands in our bodies. Once you activate these receptors through the endocannabinoids, it can change hormones’ secretion as well as alter their effects on target organs.

Since CBD is likely to interact with cannabinoid receptors, it is powerful enough to change the production and the release of hormones too.

Mostly, hormone production and secretion begin in the hypothalamus, the region where cannabinoid receptor 1 gets activated.

This results in a series of hormonal messages that flow to other glands. In response, these glands then produce their own hormones.

CBD has been found to have effects on sex hormones. It increases estradiol, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone levels. Also, CBD can help reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is considered the major stress hormone.

CBD is also known to increase the production of anandamide, a chemical responsible for releasing Oxytocin, the love hormone. By elevating the levels of this hormone, you are likely to experience a positive effect on social interactions, including sexual intercourse.

CBD as an Aphrodisiac

Cannabis has been found to enhance sexual enjoyment and interest in both men and women.

With the right temperaments, circumstances, and moods, cannabinoids can produce intensive, elaborate, and prolonged sexual experiences. CBD offers enhanced arousal, increased pleasure, and intense orgasm benefits.

It helps you embrace intimacy, become sensual and flirtatious for a seductive experience that lets your partner know you love and desire them. The result is drawing your partner in for a wonderful sexual experience.

It can then be the best herbal remedy for anyone craving some intimacy or when you want your partner to know that you are in the mood. For best results, cannabinoids should be used by both parties.

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