How to Use Caliente Arousal Oil With CBD for a Mind-Blowing Experience

How to Use Caliente Arousal Oil With CBD for a Mind-Blowing Experience

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Whenever you think of sex, you think of pleasure. I mean, how much can you get? Can you confidently say that you've reached an intense orgasm during an intense round of sex? 

There’s one secret about sex: the wetter, the better.

To get a memorable experience with your partner, you need to get wetter. 

But it gets complicated if you’ve been having difficulties enjoying sex. Thing is, it doesn’t have to be. 

This guide is for you if you’re using Caliente Arousal Oil with CBD for the first time.

The Caliente Arousal Oil is for someone who want to get the best long-lasting sex experience and has high anxiety.

Nevertheless, before getting neck-deep into how you can use Caliente Arousal Oil with CBD, there's a debate whether CBD oils can really improve sex.

Will CBD oil improve my sexual experience? 

Can CBD really improve sex? Short answer is yes.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are compounds found in the cannabis plant. While CBD doesn’t cause any ‘high” sensation, THC is the compound commonly associated with having the “high” effect. 

As a result, manufacturers have isolated CBD in the production of cannabis so that everyone could reap the benefits of this unique plant without becoming high.

CBD can increase pleasure and arousal to bring you a more healthy sexual experience.

How Does CBD Effect Libido 

Researchers have identified a part in our body, which is part of a system scientists call endocannabinoid (ECS). 

Endocannabinoid affects the body in several ways, like blood pressure, appetite stimulation and energy balance. Thus, when we are stressed or relaxed, it all affects the ECS. 

Now, imagine you’ve applied CBD oil as a stimulant for that special moment with your partner. You are both relaxed, ECS will send positive signals all over your body to help restore relaxation.


How CBD Oil Effects Erectile Dysfunction (ED) 

CBD increases blood flow in persons of all genders. CBD intake can help sustain longer erections due to blood flow into the penis. This gives men more pleasurable sexual experiences and helps them last long enough to please their partners.

CBD helps relax blood vessels and also promotes blood flow. This affects the penis positively.

Assisted Lubrication

Some people have natural problems with getting wet. That’s why a little lubrication goes a long way to make sex more fulfilling.

For women who struggle with getting wet and want to stop having painful sex, lubrication is a perfect solution.

I understand at a certain age, the vagina doesn't work like it use to. So don't feel ashamed for relying on lubrication. 

Cannabis manufacturers have started manufacturing lubricants that incorporate CBD to improve sexual wellness.

I believe your doubts on whether CBD oil could improve your sexual experience have been sufficiently cleared, right? 

However, it’s one thing to know how life-changing something could be for you; it’s an entirely different prospect to ensure that thing is life-changing. 

That’s why it’s important I leave you with this simple guide on how to use the Caliente Arousal Oil with CBD.

How to use the Caliente Arousal Oil with CBD

  • Have a towel on the side to prevent staining 
  • Apply the oil on your hands and warm it before applying on the desired body parts
  • A few drops is the perfect amount to test on your body.
  • You can also use this CBD oil for foreplay and is safe to be ingested.
  • You can apply on sex toys and vibrators.

Don’t use this CBD oil with Latex or Poly-Isoprene Condom

Please do not use any type of oils on latex condoms!

This lubricant is oil-based and can deteriorate Latex and Poly-Isoprene condoms, hence exposing you to so many avoidable problems. It’s advisable to use polyurethane condoms for protection against STIs.


In reality, we all want to have breathtaking sex and achieve an intense orgasm, not just because of our emotions, but also because it is healthy. The Caliente Arousal Oil is made up of 100% natural ingredients that is meant to help you relax and have fun with your partner safely.

I hope this article has cleared your doubts, and it’s prepared you to have a blast! 

All I can say is, Enjoy!