5 Best Positions For Female Arousal

5 Best Positions For Female Arousal

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When it comes to intimacy, arousal and pleasure in the bedroom, there are a lot of different factors that contribute. One of those is the position you're using during sex. You may think that there's just one or two positions that will work for your needs, but the truth is that if you want to keep things exciting and satisfy both parties at once then there are plenty of options available! In this blog post we'll discuss some of the best positions in bed to help improve your love life with your partner.

The missionary position

If you're having trouble getting aroused, one of the easiest things to try is changing up your sex position. The missionary position can be very helpful because it allows for easy clitoral stimulation, which is often key to arousal.

The missionary position also provides a lot of eye contact and intimacy with your partner which many people find arousing, too! If you're not sure what other positions may work better for you, there are tons of resources online that provide suggestions on different ways to spice up your love life. The missionary position also helps arousal because it provides deep penetration and stimulation. 

Woman on top

Many couples prefer the woman-on-top position for sex, or the cowgirl, and there are many reasons why.  Some women who have had a C-section find it more comfortable than any other position as they recover from childbirth, while others may enjoy feeling more in control of their own pleasure. One study found that this is the most common sexual position among young couples in America. If you're one of those people looking to explore new positions, get started with this one!

The woman can control how deep the penetration goes and what kind of angle she wants to use. It's great for beginners because there's no pressure on the man to hold himself up, so he can focus all his energy on pleasuring her instead. This position also gives her more access to stimulate herself or him if desired.  While it might not be ideal for those with back pain since they have to support themselves in a kneeling position, most people find that this is one of the best ways to achieve orgasm - especially women!

Doggy style

The doggy position is one of the most popular positions for sex. It allows you to go deep and is great for hitting the G-spot!

The doggy style position is a staple in many people's bedroom. The benefit of this position, that it can be very intimate or primal depending on what you're looking for, but also because it allows your partner to go deeper than any other sexual positions out there! If done properly, this can lead to an explosive orgasm.


Spooning is a position that many couples use for cuddling or sleeping, but it can also be a great way to have sex. This position allows you to get the most out of your thrusts and achieve deeper penetration. If you're looking for some ways to add more spice into your bedroom activities, this might be just what you need!

Spooning is one of those positions that everyone thinks about when they think about having sex with someone new (or even with their long-term partner). It's not hard to see why: spooning leads naturally into other more intimate sexual acts like kissing and caressing while still allowing both partners to be more aroused.

Reverse cowgirl

As a woman, you should be comfortable in any sex position. In the reverse cowgirl position, women are in charge and have more control over how they feel while being intimate with their partner. It is important to know how to properly get into this position because it can be challenging for most people at first.

The reverse cowgirl is a popular sexual position that allows both partners to be engaged and stimulated during sex. This can be done with the woman on top facing away from her partner while he lies down. Although it's also possible for the man to ride his partner in this way as well. The reverse cowgirl isn't just about pleasure though - it has other benefits such as helping women reach orgasm more easily, because of its deep penetration angle and direct clitoral stimulation.

To Finish Off

When it comes to sex, we might think that there are only a few positions that work well for arousal. But you may not realize just how many variations of sexual positioning exist!

Not only do you just try positions, but spice things up by adding things in the mix like toys and CBD oils. Our Caliente CBD Oil is meant to bring more intimacy to you and your partner. If these positions aren't working for you, then it's time to bring in CBD oils to the bedroom.